What We Do

Our approach to Innovation Ecosystems is not just based on academic research and theory.  Our expert services are the result of practical experiences in advising businesses, governments, entrepreneurs, economic development organizations and non-profits.  We work with our partners building strategies that are faster and cheaper with far greater impact. Innovation Ecosystem can help organizations and communities generate higher levels of prosperity, job creation, inclusiveness and sustainability. 

You are invited you to become partner of the

National Innovation Ecosystem

  • Access experts with deep practical experience creating, building and improving innovation ecosystems.
  • Learn about best practices and breakthrough innovation strategies and models by being connected to what others are doing.
  • Formalize partnerships with other innovation ecosystems and clusters that are pursuing complementary objectives.
  • Tell your unique innovation story to drive external communications. Be featured on websites, new feeds and blogs.
  • Partner on government and foundation grants for economic development, workforce and innovation initiatives.
  • Receive invitations to special events, webinars and conferences to network with innovation leaders and practitioners.