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Innovation Ecosystems  are a fundamental ingredient to drive national economic competitiveness and growth.  According to research studies Innovation Ecosystems experience higher growth rates of employment, wages, business formation and patents. Innovation ecosystems are not only important to incumbent industry clusters but also the driver of entrepreneurial startups that create whole new industries.

Innovation ecosystems are industry or geographic focused collaborations of businesses, research centers, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, specialized services, government entities, associations and non-profits.  These ecosystem are driven by a shared purpose in creating value for a defined market of end-users. 

Our Mission

You are invited to be part of the National Innovation Ecosystem community.

  • Receive expert advice based on deep practical experience on creating, building and operating innovation ecosystems
  • Learn about best practices and breakthrough  strategies and by being connected to what others are doing. 
  • Build relationships and formal partnerships with other innovation ecosystems and clusters that are pursuing complementary objectives.
  • Tell your unique innovation story to drive internal understanding and external communications. 
  • Partner in government and foundation grant funding of economic development, workforce and innovation initiatives
  • Participate in special events, webinars and conferences to network with innovation ecosystem leaders and practitioners. 

Successful innovation benefits from strong interdependent links among business supply chains, universities, government agnecies, non-profits and end users.
— Center for Accelerating Innovation

Key questions for designing an  innovation ecosystem 

  • What is the value proposition of  our innovation ecosystem?
  • How must our people and organizations learn, communicate and work together?
  • Who are our customers and how will we connect to regional, national and global markets?


  • Where do we obtain the ideas and needed skills and aptitudes?
  • How to we accelerate new product development and business creation?
  • What is needed for a supportive infrastructure? 
  • Who will lead us?