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US Global Water Strategy. The U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development have released the U.S. government’s Global Water Strategy. The U.S. government will work with partner countries and key stakeholders to achieve four interrelated objectives: (1) increasing access to sustainable safe drinking water and sanitation services, and promoting hygiene; (2) protecting freshwater resources; (3) promoting cooperation on shared waters; and (4) strengthening water governance and financing. The  efforts will focus on countries and regions where needs and opportunities are greatest and where engagement can best protect our national security interests.

The New World of Water.  PureBlue is a Seattle based non-profit focused on helping entrepreneurs in the clean water field launch new products, services and businesses into the $600 billion dollar global water market.  The organization also serves as a platform for  industry, government, academia, research centers, innovators, investors, water operators, water end-users to collaborate and problem solve on critical water challenges and problems in Puget Sound. 

Public-Private Strategy for Water Technology Innovation: This is the Obama Administration plan to accelerate progress in water efficiency, reuse, energy cost and climate impact. See the report HERE.

Washington Innovation Economy.  Innovation based economic development plan prepared by the Washington Economic Development Commission (2007-2013).

National Innovation Initiative. Innovate America Report prepared by the Council on Competitiveness that had major influence on design of the America Competes Act.

Innovation Vital Signs. Metrics framework prepared by the Center for Accelerating Innovation in collaboration with ASTRA reviewing innovation indicators and proposing a logic model for innovation inputs, process metrics, outputs and contextual factors.

Innovation Partnership Zones.  Washington State designation of innovation partnerships between a lead industry, university research and workforce development organizations.

SBA Regional Innovation Cluster Initiative. SBA is supporting 58 regional cluster initiatives. According to an evaluation cluster participation was correlated with higher than expected levels of economic growth and new business formation and that innovation was promoted in their respective industries. 

New Economy Index. This 2014 biannual  report by Rob Atkinson of ITIF benchmarks 50 states across 25 innovation indicators.

The New Cluster Moment. A insightful paper by Mark Muro and Bruce Katz of the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings discussing success factors for regional innovation clusters. The Rise of Innovation Districts is also a great resource.

Enterprising States. This report by the Chamber of Commerce compares states using 35 metrics that measure overall economic performance and identifies the top ten states in five policy areas.

UP Global. Combined initiative by Start Up America Partnership, Start-Up Weekend and Techstars dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, grassroots leadership and strong communities.

SSTI. Founded in 1996, SSTI is a national network of practitioners and policymakers working to improve the economy through science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Well know for  technology-based economic development conferences and weekly digest.

US Cluster Mapping. A national initiative that provides open data on regional clusters and economies to support US business, innovation and policy.

World Economic Forum.  A forum for senior level public and private leaders most notably in Davos, Switzerland every year.  Best know for its Global Competitiveness Report and country rankings. 

Massachusetts Innovation Ecosystem. An initiative of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and  Innovation Institute championing an innovation ecosystem approach for economic growth. The Index of the Massachusetts Innovation Economy has been published annually since 1997.

Illinois Innovation Ecosystem. An innovation asset inventory and map prepared by the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition.

Global Entrepreneurship Week. During one week each November, GEW provides a framework to promote local, national and global activities to highlight entrepreneurial activities and innovation initiatives. 

The Innovation Rainforest.  Interesting and eclectic blog about growing innovation ecosystems from T2 Venture Creation.

Innovation Ecosystems Network.  An early attempt at Stanford University connecting researchers interested in how innovation ecosystems work.

European Cluster Observatory. A comprehensive site  for mapping innovation and competitiveness initiatives and  indicators in Europe.

Best States for Business. Forbes annual rankings of states for doing business. A strong labor force, low energy costs and robust employment outlook land Utah in first for the fifth time in six years. The U.S. ranks 18th in Forbes’ annual ranking of the Best Countries for Business, down four spots from last year and the fifth straight year of declines since 2009, when the U.S. ranked second.

Washington Business Alliance. Business led group developing long term policy agenda for Washington state.

NSF Innovation Corp. The National Science Foundation is beginning to establish a National Innovation Network comprised of I-Corps Regional Nodes and I-Corps Sites that will work cooperatively to build, utilize, and sustain the national innovation ecosystem.